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my perceptive of the hlf re-trial verdict:
noor elashi, a proud daughter of ghassan elashi
the lowest point on earth was not the shoreline of the dead sea on
monday, nov. 24, 2008. rather it was a federal courthouse in downtown
dallas. at around 3 p.m., the courtroom—where the anticipated holy land
foundation retrial verdict was to take place—filled up in fast-forward.
family members, justice supporters and government officials poured into
the large room, sat on the wooden benches and chatted quietly with mixed
then, silence. full article >>>

o the tangled web we weave
rusty tomilson
monday during the holy land foundation trial, the spectators were told
to leave the courtroom. we were told that a "secret witness" was going
to testify, and that we could listen to the testimony in the "overflow
room ". we stared at a blank gray screen, and listened to the witness,
(who was aided by an interpreter), identify himself by the pseudonym of
major lyor,  (or is it spelled liar?) an intelligence officer with
the israeli defense forces, which he has been with for 25 years. ...
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it all started when bush became the governor of texas.
rusty tomilson
it all started when bush became the governor of texas.
that's where george w. bush first learned to use the weapon of fear
in order to manipulate the people. using fear, he could get them
to accept anything he wanted to do.
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h4j coalition poetry can be a balm to the spirit
mitzi bearden
i wrote this for you while sitting at the trial listening to the babbling non-sense of the prosecution.
baker wire tap seven
-they called it as if it should be a common household name
baker wire tap seven seems to me a very cruel game ...
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noor elashi speaks to your heart
a proud daughter of ghassan elashi
this is noor elashi, the daughter of a defendant in the holy land foundation retrial.
during the past three weeks, i have felt my heart shatter a few times as i witnessed prosecutors use vindictive approaches such as character assassination, fear-mongering and guilt by association as an attempt to convict my dad.
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h4j coalition the guilt of innocence!
shukri abu-baker
dear friends,
no words can express my gratitude to you for your courageous stance on the hlf case.
from the beginning, your rare bravery has given me reasons to withstand the painful experience of the "guilt of innocence" that my family and i had to endure since the shutting down of the hlf, through the indictment , the trial , and then the retrial.
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justice or just is?
by: khalil and safia meek
the american legal system has changed dramatically since sept. 11, 2001. under the bush administration, the presumption of innocence and due process of law has been all but thrown out of u.s. courtrooms. if anything, politics and propaganda have kept the doors open at the u.s. department of justice.
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why does lulac support hlf?
by: gloria t. levario, lulac council #4782, justice, equality & business development
the league of united latin american citizens (lulac) is the largest and oldest hispanic organization in the united states and it avidly supports the holy land foundation (hlf) in their efforts to try and seek justice and fairness in their case against the federal government.
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... in support of the holy land foundation
by: tarrant county green party
whereas the bush administration and other administration officials: 1. have specifically targeted the holy land foundation in north texas with allegations of criminal activities and persecution of members of this organization for activities protected by the u.s. constitution; and,
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n.t.j.p. - statement of endorsement and support 4 h4j
by: rusty tomlinson, north texas for justice and peace
whereas the mission statement of north texas for justice and peace reads "our mission is to promote peaceful solutions through justice, not war, to defend against racist attacks and to protect our civil liberties", and ...
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